Electric Forklifts & Chargers


Looking to buy or rent an electric forklift and charger for your warehouse or distribution center in Virginia? At Eaheart Industrial Services, we provide the best selection of electric forklifts and chargers in the state of Virginia and we have three locations proudly serving Richmond, Bedford and Chesapeake. Follow along as we highlight industry-leading electric forklifts and chargers from reliable manufacturers such as CAT, Mitsubishi, Jungheinrich and Kalmar!



CAT EP Series electric forklifts and chargers are efficient and dependable, providing you with the confidence you need to work indoors or outdoors. CAT offers a wide range of counterbalanced forklifts, each sporting legendary CAT durability and new features such as OmniTurn all-wheel steering, SmoothFlow for better material handling and PowerBurst for extra climbing and acceleration torque. Don’t let their three-wheel design fool you. CAT electric forklifts range from 3,000 to 12,000-pound operating capacities, making them a must-have in any warehouse or distribution center.


Mitsubishi’s FB Series three-wheel and four-wheel electric forklifts are built to give operators greater control than they’ve ever experienced before. From simple things such as ergonomically placed controls and a comfortable cabin to intensive systems like Passive Sway Control and Adaptive Lift Control, Mitsubishi’s electric forklift selection maximizes your performance without sacrificing comfort. An operating capacity range of 3,000 to 12,000-pounds means that there’s a Mitsubishi electric forklift with the lifting capability, maneuverability and size needed to take your performance to an entirely new level of efficiency.

Mitsubishi FB Series electric forklifts available at eaheart.com - Bedford VA, Chesapeake VA, Richmond VA - (888) 851-6345


Jungheinrich electric forklifts bring energy efficiency, ergonomic design and capability to the market. The EFG Series features a 2,000 to 11,000-pound range, each delivering power where you need it, exactly when you want it. Jungheinrich’s curve control reduces operating speed when turning around corners, helping you control the electric forklift with complete precision and making sure you’re not wasting any time. With low-maintenance, robust durability and reliability, the EFG Series is primed and ready to be your go-to electric forklift.


Kalmar’s electric forklifts challenge you to rethink everything you know about electric forklifts. An operating capacity range of 11,000 to 40,000-pounds promises that there’s no job a Kalmar can’t handle.These electric forklifts are smart, speedy and highlight long service lives, something you’ll come to appreciate when you invest in a Kalmar. No matter how big your Kalmar ECG Series electric forklift is, you’ll operate safely, smoothly and with energy efficient power, no matter how harsh the conditions. 

Kalmar ECG Series electric forklifts available at eaheart.com - Bedford VA, Chesapeake VA, Richmond VA - (888) 851-6345


Electric forklifts are an environmentally friendly and efficient solution to lifting and moving heavy materials and inventory. Owners and operators love them for their high capacity, eco efficiency (as opposed to diesel forklifts) and lower maintenance costs. Indoor or outdoor, clear skies or gray, an electric forklift is the answer to your Virginia based business’s needs. Our Eaheart Industrial Service, Inc. rental program is second-to-none, and we’d love to help you find the right model to fit your needs. Competitive rates and outstanding equipment. Let’s get to work. 

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Think you’ve narrowed down your selection? Interested in demo-ing a CAT, Mitsubishi, Jungheinrich or Kalmar electric forklift? We’d be more than happy to walk you around our selection and answer any questions you might have. Click ‘Contact Us’ at the top of the page and let us know how we can best assist you! We look forward to working with you and helping you find the electric forklift and charger you need to work with renewed efficiency at Eaheart Industrial Service, Inc. in Richmond, Bedford and Chesapeake, Virginia!