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Medium Profile LED Strobes

This maintenance-free beacon features three of the latest LEDs and Pulse8 flash operation, producing a warning signal ideally suited to industrial applications. This cost effective unit has a wide operating range of 12-80V, making it the perfect light for use on electric vehicles. The long, trouble-free service life and low amp draw characteristics of LED technology make this an ideal replacement solution for rotating or strobe beacons.

• Ecco Model 6262, 6263, 6267

• 70 flashes per minute

• Pulse8 flash pattern (8 flashes per cycle)

• Reinforced nylon base is epoxy filled for environmental protection

• Base: 3.90” x 2.80”

• Diameter: 2.83”

• Height: 4.90”

Medium Profile LED Strobes
12-80Amber StrobeA000034826
12-80Blue StrobeA000034872

Heavy Duty Microstrobes

The Microstrobe features a power supply which operates over a wide input voltage range of 12-80 VDC. The supply has a regulated output so that the lamp brightness and flash remain constant when operated over the rated input voltage range. The power supply is potted in polyurethane for the ultimate in protection from moisture, vibration and exposure to high voltage. The enclosure is all Lexan®, and the plug-in lamp is field replaceable. All units are polarity protected and have built-in filters to protect against radio interference and spike voltages. The Microstrobe is UL Recognized for Type E, EE, and ES.

• Maxi-Signal Model 470S

• 1.90 joules

• 60 to 80 flashes per minute

• Diameter: 3.00”

• Height: 5.00”

Heavy Duty Microstrobes
VoltageDescriptionPart #
12-80Amber StrobeA000032061

Low Profile LED Strobes

This maintenance-free LED beacon features an attention getting Pulse8 flash pattern (8 flashes per cycle, 85 FPM) producing a warning signal that is ideal for industrial type applications. This cost effective light features a wide 12-80V operating range that also makes it perfect for use on electrically powered vehicles and equipment. Meets SAE J845 Class III, CE, and R10.

• Ecco Model 6465

• 85 flashes per minute

• Pulse8 (8 flashes per cycle) flash pattern

• Diameter: 5.60”

• Height: 3.90”

Low Profile LED Strobes
12-80Amber StrobeA000044023

Standard Strobes w/Colored LED Bulbs

Durably designed with a clear acrylic lens which resists scratching and scuffing, and sleek, low-profile design. Using solid optic design with a single LED, the industrial strobe lights utilize multiple LED colors instead of colored lenses, giving you a cleaner, tidier package with improved performance.

• J.W. Speaker Models 538 and 539

• Height: Pipe – 3.61”, Flange – 2.6”

• Width: 2.79”

• Clear outer lens

• Lens: Acrylic

• Housing: Polycarbonate

Standard Strobes w/ Colored LED Bulbs
VoltageBulb ColorMountingPart #